Care Central Expo’17

For People with disability (including post school options, Seniors and Carers

We would like you to be part of The Care Central Expo taking place on the Wednesday 6th September 2017 at the Sleeman Sports Centre, Old Cleveland Road, Chandler and invite you to come and join us as a visitor, or an organisation to become an exhibitor.

Our collaborative partners Older People Speak Out will be joining us this year to bring you this Expo, combining service providers for People with a disability, Seniors and Carers.    It is free to the public and provides the community with invaluable information and networking opportunities.

Bringing together 100+ exhibitors from around Brisbane and set to attract 1200+ people.   This is a unique opportunity for organisations to showcase their services and engage directly with the community seeking information and connections in the Disability, Seniors & Carers Sector.   Download here Express of Int -expo ’17.

It is our mission to bring information and awareness of services to all people with disabilities, Seniors and Carers, to enable and empower them to take control of their lives, encourage independence, and to provide equal opportunities.    Expo Flyer available here SCC Care Central Expo’17

This expo provides the opportunity to…

  • Share information and knowledge about services, programs, events and opportunities.
  • Discuss transition opportunities from School to work with many employment service providers.
  • Network with Service Providers, communicate with each other and provide improved services links.
  • Attend Q&A forums on specific topics relevant to people living with a disability, Seniors and Carers.
  • ‘Have your Say’ where the community can share thoughts, ideas and suggestions for improvements in the region.
  • Nominations will open soon for the Recognition Awards.

About yvonnec23

Business Owner of Special Care Clothing Solutions. I design and retail clothing for people with limited mobility or disability. Founder and Chairperson for SpecialCare Central Inc. which is an information portal Linking People with Disability, Aged Care Citizens and Carers and Families to Service Providers. Secretary at Older People Speak Out, an advocacy group for Seniors rights.
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