Information for Family and Friends

This Help Sheet is provided by Alzheimer’s Australia and is designed for people with dementia and their families to provide information to friends, neighbours and others about dementia. It explains what dementia is, how it affects people and ways to help.

Can dementia be inherited? This depends on the cause of the dementia. About a third of people with Alzheimer’s disease have a close relative (parent, brother or sister) who has, or has had, dementia. However in many cases it occurs when there is no family history. How does dementia progress? The situation of every person with dementia is unique. Their abilities may change from day to day. What is certain though, is that the person’s abilities will deteriorate, sometimes rapidly, and in other cases, more slowly, over a number of years. Is there a cure for dementia? At present there is no cure for most forms of dementia. However, some medications and alternative treatments have been found to relieve some of the symptoms for some people for a period of time.   Read more…


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Business Owner of Special Care Clothing Solutions. I design and retail clothing for people with limited mobility or disability. Founder and Chairperson for SpecialCare Central Inc. which is an information portal Linking People with Disability, Aged Care Citizens and Carers and Families to Service Providers. Secretary at Older People Speak Out, an advocacy group for Seniors rights.
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