Finding The Way To Consumer Directed Care (CDC) – A Personal Journey

Owl logo colour resizeOlder People Speak Out (OPSO) are a NFP group founded 22 years ago by Val French.  Val’s journey as a journalist has included assisting Older people to have a voice.    A monthly news letter is produced and available on their website.   The editor and Val would love to hear from you if you have a positive ageing story, or a problem you would like to voice.

An Excerpt below of one of the Stories
by By Maida Lilley         –     AS IT SEE IT

On the 1st of July this year, the Federal Government is to finally launch the often discussed Consumer Directed Care Services (CDC) for 65 year old Australians who are in need of care in order to remain independent.   This involves providing assistance for us to ‘age in place’ in our own homes. Seniors’ groups have been encouraged by this prospect – to remain in our own home and in our own community with access to all that entails for the continuation of the life we have built. Hopefully, with appropriate or adapted housing, which we are helped to maintain at reasonable cost by Home Assist Secure’s own staffs’ invaluable service or from its list of recommended professionals who are known to charge manageable fees along with guaranteed results, if the job is beyond their own staff or facilities.
My own story is one example that has worked well up to now.
In my mid-fifties I moved to a ground floor unit from an 1860 three level home with attic when I needed a total knee replacement. I had been injured in an earlier car accident caused by a speeding young driver who ignored stop signs in his large powerful car. In the 1980’s total knee replacements were stainless steel and my specialist had warned, ‘if it doesn’t work, you will be in a wheelchair.’ So, a move made sense.    read more…


About yvonnec23

Business Owner of Special Care Clothing Solutions. I design and retail clothing for people with limited mobility or disability. Founder and Chairperson for SpecialCare Central Inc. which is an information portal Linking People with Disability, Aged Care Citizens and Carers and Families to Service Providers. Secretary at Older People Speak Out, an advocacy group for Seniors rights.
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